Saturday March 11
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Small Space Saturday

Big ideas for tiny spaces, from balconies to beds

Good Morning Garden Tours

Grab a hot cup of tea and greet the day while enjoying an inspirational look at public and botanic gardens across the US and Canada. Special thanks to our partners at the American Public Garden Association for their assistance showcasing these beautiful spaces.

11:30am EST

Ryan McEnaney
First Editions

Steal The Look

Ever watched a garden tour on YouTube and wondered how you can get that exact look at home? Wonder no more! Garden Gate Magazine and Ryan McEnaney from Bailey’s First Editions are taking you through a beautiful home garden each morning of the Great Grow Along and providing style commentary and plant suggestions so you can easily recreate these beautiful gardens at home.
Rashae Burns
Growing Gardens

Five Fundamentals: How to build a basic raised bed

In this fundamentals session, learn the basics of building a raised bed – what wood to use, how to site it, assembly hacks and more.

Jill Ragan
Whispering Willow Farm

Tiny but Mighty Farm

Want a more productive front yard, back yard, side yard… any yard? Jill Ragan author of “Tiny But Mighty Farm” walks you through planning your productive, food growing space no matter how large (or small) it is.

Among other important topics, this session dives into the sometimes confusing topic of “succession planting” so you can maximize production year round.

Wendi Phan


Growing up is a great strategy whether you’re short on space or not. Trellising keeps plants tidy and off the ground, improves air circulation, reduces disease and maximizes growing space. Wendi shares her tips and tools to take advantage of all these good outcomes and more.
Graham Gardner
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Tiny and Wild: Build a small-scale meadow

With as little as a few square feet of space, you can create a beautiful, low-maintenance naturalistic planting that supports a diversity of plants, pollinators, and a plethora of other living things, not to mention its visual appeal in your home garden.
Jacques Lyakov
Epic Gardening

Transplanting vs. Direct Sowing

Understand the pros and cons of transplanting seedlings – perhaps those you have grown yourself – versus direct sowing.
Niki Jabbour
Four Season Gardening

Four Season Gardening

Your food garden doesn’t have to conclude at the first frost date! Niki shares techniques for year-round gardening from her snow covered Nova Scotia home. No matter where you garden, her advice will help you enjoy a year-round harvest.
Meredith Barry
Host - To Be Announced

Houseplant Happy Hour

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