About Us

At the Great Grow Along we believe the world is a happier place with more gardeners in it.

We’re a team of industry pros, nonprofit leaders, technologists and educators – who also happen to be veggie growers, houseplant parents, irrigation obsessives, flower fiends, native plant evangelists, organic advocates, landscape design lovers, seed savers, pollinator pals and soil devotees. Our curiosity about gardening and the natural world is bottomless.

The Great Grow Along is designed by gardeners, for gardeners. Or those who want to be. And our goal is to unite a Nation of Gardeners who know no state or country lines but share the goodness gardening can bring us all.

Partnership with Simple Spring, a Garden Research Company

Simple Spring is a leading resource that specializes in publishing comprehensive market trends and in-depth research derived from extensive garden surveys in the gardening industry. Our methodology encompasses continuous surveys and polling of a wide spectrum of gardeners, addressing critical areas such as general gardening, landscaping, purchasing habits, native plants, and houseplants. 

We transform the survey results into actionable insights, showcased through interactive charts, deep demographic cross-tabs, and expert video commentary. Distinguishing ourselves further, Simple Spring aggregates both our own research and that from other public sources and partners, creating a centralized hub of gardening intelligence. Read more here if you are interested in running a garden survey.

March 16-31, 2024