The Great Grow Along is a FREE 10-day virtual gardening festival connecting and inspiring gardeners worldwide with the influencers, taste-makers and cutting-edge content of today's gardening world.

Yes, sessions are free to watch during the scheduled time. See below which options are available if you miss a session.

No. When you register, you'll have access to all sessions.

Simply visit on the day of the event and view the content live.


On-Demand subscribers: The 2023 sessions will be added to the On-Demand library shortly after the festival concludes.

Couldn't participate in all the fun during the Great Grow Along 2023 Festival? Don't worry... enjoy learning at your leisure for six months with on-demand. Get all the festival sessions plus NEW content to make your plant-lovin-life better. You'll receive login info for on-demand access so you can continue to enjoy the festival's 40+ garden speakers, influencers and taste-makers.


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All 2023 sessions will be added to the On-Demand library shorlty after the festival concludes.


Please do not comment on video/audio playback issues in the chat. We have technicians moderating each session for issues on our end. In most cases, video playback issues are due to temporary issues with your internet connection.


The first and best troubleshooting step is to REFRESH YOUR BROWSER.


  • Check your internet connection and computer first. Most issues with streaming videos are due to temporary local issues and are not related to the event.
  • Use a modern device/browser. This event works best if you use the Chrome or Safari browser, and note that Internet explorer is not supported.
  • Disconnect from corporate or other VPNs. If you are on a corporate network, this may interfere with the video stream. If you are unable to do so, consider using another device, such as a smartphone.

The method for canceling your calendar events differs depending on your device. Complete instructions can be viewed here: How to un-follow a calendar

Please review the Agenda page as this is our master time list for each session. To view the event live, click the "Watch Live" menu button at the top of the page.


Sessions are FREE! No login with username/password is required for day of event viewing. Simply visit on the day of the event and view the content live.

Yes, you can subscribe to our event calendar here. Once subscribed, you'll get reminders 30min before each session starts. It works with all standard calendar apps, both on desktops and phones.


Subscribe to our event calender here. You'll be able to set your local time zone, and if you so desire, you can add sessions to your calendar (also in your local time zone).

Our focus in 2023 is to connect gardeners with speakers via the live Q&A and in the chat. In 2024, we are planning to add gardener-to-gardener networking features.

Your data is safe with us, no contact details are shared with sponsors or anyone else. You may still decide to share info when using the quiz and survey features, but it is all your decision.

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