Abundance in All Spaces

March 23 2024, 11am ET

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Don’t let a small space stop you from enjoying a lush and bountiful kitchen garden! Author and professional kitchen garden designer, Resh Gala, shares her tricks for tasty abundance no matter where you’re planting. Using containers and vessels, Resh shows examples on how to maximize harvest and beauty while minimizing work.

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Resh Gala - Headshot
Resh Gala

Resh Gala is an organic gardener designer from New Jersey and is passionate about encouraging people to grow their own food and live their best lives. She is the founder and owner of minority and woman owned business, Hundred Tomatoes LLC, that designs and installs organic kitchen gardens in NJ and surrounding areas.

An Allotment Gardener at non-profit organization Duke Farms Community Gardens, she has a MBA degree in Marketing and Strategy and is the author of Vegetable Gardening Made Easy.