Microgreens at Home

Whether you can’t garden due to weather or space constraints, microgreens add joy and a nutritional bang to your diet. Easy to grow, tasty and productive, learn how to grow this powerful addition to your diet – and tastebuds – no matter where you grow.

Companion Planting for Beginners

Can growing specific types of plants together increase productivity, pest resistance and longevity? Yes. This session demystifies the “old gardener tales” with evidence-based examples of which plants like growing together and why.

Vertical Veg Guide to Container Gardening

If you long to grow your own tomatoes, zucchini, or strawberries, but thought you didn’t have enough space, this session teaches how to make the most of walls, balconies, patios, arches, and windowsills.

Fundamentals: Easy Fruit Trees for Small Spaces

Want to add fruit trees to your growing situation but you’re short on space? Enter espaliers! This ancient training technique creates space saving trees that produce big harvests. Up against a fence, by a wall… there are many places an espalier can be out of the way and add beauty and fruit to your life. In this fundamentals session, learn the basics of selecting, planting and caring for espalier fruit trees.

Transplanting vs. Direct Sowing

Understand the pros and cons of transplanting seedlings – perhaps those you have grown yourself – versus direct sowing.