Fundamentals: Gardening & Sustainability

We can all do our part to support the environment with our home gardens. In this fundamentals class, learn basic approaches to engrain sustainability practices into your garden and life.

Why We Care: How Choices In the Landscape Affect the World

There are a lot of buzz words floating around these days. Native, pollinator, green… but what do they mean and are they representative of legitimate ecological principles or simply buzz words of the most recent fad? In this primer on ecological choices, learn how the decisions we make on our landscape can affect the world!

Water-wise Gardening

You don’t need to live in drought conditions to benefit from water-wise gardening. Learn how to select water-wise plants and group them together to encourage more efficient water use as well as other water-wise principles.

Food Forest: Basics of Permaculture

Take a tour of Andre’s food forest and learn how it’s built on permaculture fundamentals. Based in Florida, this native Canadian has ideas that work no matter where you live to integrate permaculture principles for resilient, natural gardens.

The Climate Change Garden

Create a resilient, climate-wise garden and learn how to adapt your garden to cope with volatile weather extremes and other effects of a rapidly changing climate.