Low-Maintenance, High-Impact Gardens

No matter what your skill or comfort level with plants and gardening, it’s always nice to have a few time-saving plant suggestions and design ideas in your back pocket. Learn some plants that give way more than they take, as well as how to site them so that, once they’re established, you needn’t do much more than smile every time you see them.

Simple Gardening Planning for Busy People Just Like You

Why do most people fail when it comes to gardening? The pressures of weeds, weevils, and work can quickly overwhelm you, turning your green dreams into an overgrown jungle. We’ve all been there. Without a plan, nature will always win, and the prize probably isn’t what you want. Fortunately, there is an easier way. Using key planning strategies, you can drastically reduce your garden workload and grow more food than ever. Get rid of garden overwhelm forever, and join Diego Footer from Epic Gardening to create a plan to have your best harvest ever.

Weed-free Gardening

Learn an easy-to-implement plan of attack to get even the most tenacious weeds under control without the need for potentially harmful synthetic herbicides. Tasha’s weed prevention and control strategies will have you growing flowers, vegetables, shrubs, and trees with little to no weed competition.

Fundamentals: Garden Easy Hacks

In this fundamentals session, learn easy, time-saving hacks to keep your garden beautiful and productive with limited time or ability.