There Are No Small Gardens…

Only small ideas! There’s no need to compromise on bodacious blooms, lush foliage, and a large presence when gardening in small spaces – as long as you choose the right plants. Discover which small (yet mighty) shrubs and perennials are ideal for nestling into small beds, balcony containers, or urban gardens.

Houseplant Happy Hour: Light = Transformation

Houseplant Happy Hour: Light = Transformation Thursday March 16, 8pm EST Add to Calendar Small Space Saturday Sponsored By Darryl Cheng Houseplant Journal Session Info Description coming soon… Read more Register Free The Vegetable Gardening Book By Joe Lamp’l Learn More Field Guide to Outside Style By Ryan McEnaney Learn More A Gardener’s Guide […]

Flowering Shrubs

Flowering shrubs are a powerful way to add joy and interest to your garden. In this session, learn about the most popular and easy to care for flowering shrubs to add that special pop to your landscape.

Great Groundcovers = Perennial Success

Perennial groundcovers are the unsung heroes in the landscape and food garden! You can “set them and forget them” (to some degree) and enjoy their low-maintenance beauty year after year while saving water, preventing erosion and having new and interesting things to eat, too.

Design a Perfect Potager

Learn the design elements of a French “potager” (kitchen) garden to create a space that is formal, beautiful and productive. A great solution for an alternative “manicured” front yard or anywhere you want pattern and style for your garden. (PS if you love boxwoods, this is the session for you).

Field Guide to Outside Style

Learn to personalize your outdoor living space with the right plants, furnishings, and other design elements to create a space that reflects YOU perfectly, even if you’ve never sunk a shovel into the soil before.

Fundamentals: Gardener’s Guide to Botany

In this fundamentals class, learn the basics of plant botany so you can make wiser decisions while planning or caring for your landscape. Focusing on the home landscape, this session breaks down the fundamentals of botany so you can easily apply them to your everyday (garden) life.
It is garden landscaping that is beautiful and easy-care, all year round.