Feed Those Flowers!

March 16 2024, 3pm ET

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Ensure a healthy and vibrant flower patch season after season with helpful tips and tricks from Crystal Walker the “Compost Fairy”… learn how to keep your soil fertile for the best blooms plus the basics of composting for those who have yet to take the plunge. Crystal believes anyone can compost successfully for the best, healthiest soil and plants and she can’t wait to share her expertise with you! Your flowers will thank you!

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Crystal Walker
Crystal Walker

Crystal Walker, also known as Compost Fairy, is an enthusiastic compost educator and consultant. Crystal is passionate about encouraging folks to use their waste for good by composting which builds decadent soils and grows healthy plants. Through their work with their small business Compost Fairy, they offer compost education through virtual and in-person classes, conduct 1-1 compost consultations, and deliver digitized compost pocket resource guides to aid folks on their compost journey.