Fundamentals: Bee Friendly Gardens

These quick and easy, yet powerful, ideas will help you incorporate bee-friendly practices into your garden and landscape. Learn specific recommendations for plant choices, lawn maintenance and fall garden cleanups.

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Dan Jaffe Wilder
Dan Wilder
Norcross Wildlife Foundation
Info & Bio
Dan Jaffe Wilder
Dan Wilder
Norcross Wildlife Foundation
Session Info & Bio

Dan Wilder is an ecologist, horticulturist and botanist with over fifteen years’ experience working with native plants and their associated ecology. His work has ranged from nurseries to botanical gardens to wildlife refuges and specializes in native plant ecology, propagation, wildlife habitat, and edible landscapes. Dan is the Director of Applied Ecology for the Norcross Wildlife Foundation whose mission is to protect, enhance, and expand wildlife through conservation, education, and support.

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