Fundamentals: Gardening & Sustainability

We can all do our part to support the environment with our home gardens. In this fundamentals class, learn basic approaches to engrain sustainability practices into your garden and life.

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Mike Lizotte
Mike Lizotte
American Meadows
Mike has been working with American Meadows since he was just 14 years old. As a teenager, Mike helped with maintenance, seed packing, and helping around the shop on the weekends. He quickly learned to identify hundreds of seeds, and over time, learned to love the flowers they produced. As he continued working with wildflower gardeners in the shop, and continued to gain more and more knowledge about growing wildflowers, Mike earned the nickname “The Seed Man”.
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How to Grow A No-Waste Kitchen Garden
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Creating a Butterfly Garden
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Mini Meadows
By Mike Lizotte
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The Vegetable Gardening Book
By Joe Lamp'l
Field Guide to Outside Style
By Ryan McEnaney
A Gardener's Guide to Botany
By Scott Zona

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