Lose the Lawn: Grow Food Instead

Want a more productive front yard, back yard, side yard… any yard? Jill Ragan author of “Tiny But Mighty Farm” walks you through planning your productive, food growing space no matter how large (or small) it is. Among other important topics, this session dives into the sometimes confusing topic of “succession planting” so you can maximize production year round.

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Speaker - Jill Ragan
Jill Ragan
Whispering Willow Farm

Jill is a garden grower at Whispering Willow Farm in the hill country of central Arkansas. She’s been on a garden-growing, homesteading adventure for the last 10-plus years. She and her husband have a small farm where they grow food and livestock for family and community. They teach others how to plan and steward their own farms and dreams. It’s been her joy to walk with people across the country as they cultivate their land and begin their own journey of living a self-sufficient lifestyle.

The Tiny But Mighty Farm
By Jill Ragan
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