On Plants, Borders and Belonging

March 31 2024, 11am ET

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A seed slips beyond a garden wall. A tree is planted on a shifting border. A shrub is uprooted from its culture and its land. What happens when these plants leave their original homes and put down roots elsewhere? In her new book, Jessica explores plants that are somehow perceived as being “out of place”- whether weeds, samples collected through imperial science, or crops introduced and transformed by our hand. And meditates on the question of how both plants and people come to belong – or not – as they border cross, and reveals how all our futures are more entwined than we might imagine.

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Learn about the multidimensional impacts of native plant gardening.

Learn about the multidimensional impacts of native plant gardening.

Jessica J Lee
Jessica J. Lee

Jessica J. Lee is an author, environmental historian, and winner of the Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust Prize for Nonfiction, the Boardman Tasker Award for Mountain Literature, the Banff Mountain Book Award, and the RBC Taylor Prize Emerging Writer Award. She is the author of Turning, Two Trees Make a Forest, Dispersals, and A Garden Called Home, and co-editor of Dog Hearted. Jessica is the founding editor of The Willowherb Review and teaches creative writing at the University of Cambridge.