Beds for Your Blossoms

March 16 2024, 11:00am ET

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If 2024 is your year to enhance your garden’s bloom, join us. Whether you’re designing new beds or seeking ways to improve “difficult soil,” Janice Groves will share her expertise in sheet mulching, offering easy and budget-friendly methods to accommodate your favorite flowers. Plus, enjoy a bonus as she reveals her preferred blooms, her enjoyment of them in her garden, and her appreciation for red clay soil.
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Janice Groves
Janice Groves

Janice is a self-taught home gardener who has made it her mission to convert her “cookie-cutter” yard into a cottage garden paradise. Janice has built big, beautiful garden beds using the sheet-mulching technique. She is enthusiastic about teaching others how to create a beautiful outdoor space on a budget and with ease.

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