The Butterfly's Apothecary

March 31 2024, 1pm ET

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Like an intoxicating perfume, chemicals in certain plants, once consumed, make butterflies more attractive. New clinical data suggest these chemicals act like a “pharmacy”, which ensure the health of butterflies during mating season, and enable some butterfly eggs to be unpalatable to predators. Learn which herbs and plants to incorporate into your pollinator habitat so you can help butterflies’ health.
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Heather Andrews (3)
Heather Andrews

Heather Andrews is an award-winning author, photographer, and speaker, renowned for her expertise in sustainable pollinator habitat design. Growing up in North Carolina, her passion for pollinators was inspired by her family’s gardens. Heather’s work focuses on educating homeowners and businesses on creating environments that support wildlife and pollinators using native plants. Her practical advice, drawn from clinical trials, has made her a respected figure in the gardening community, with her insights featured in various publications and media appearances.

For more on Heather’s gardening tips, follow her on YouTube at Garden Thoughtfully and on Facebook at The Thoughtful Gardener.

Find beautiful butterfly plants shipped direct to you in 42 states.

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