Berries for the Birds

March 30 2024, 4pm ET

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Berries are an irresistible treat for birds, particularly in winter when food is scarce. Many plants that bear berries (or fruits that resemble them) serve up a cold-weather feast—and a visual treat for you. The fruits produced by these trees and shrubs provide calories and crucial nutrients that your favorite songbirds need. In this session, learn Bird & Bloom’s picks – and plan now the best way to incorporate trees and shrubs with berries for the birds.

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Megan White - Headshot
Megan White
Megan White is the senior editor of Birds and Blooms. She is a Minnesota River Valley Audubon Chapter member and has volunteered in numerous Audubon Bird Counts in the Midwest and US Virgin Islands. She participates in The Cornell Lab of Ornithology backyard bird survey, Project FeederWatch, and also volunteers for various other nature and park initiatives. Megan lives in Minnesota, where she enjoys turning her yard into a pollinator- and bird-friendly space with the help of her two kids.