Keystone Pollinator Plants for Every Garden

March 30 2024, 3pm ET

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Do you want to bring more butterflies, birds, and bees into your garden? Learn the fundamentals of “keystone species” and find out which plants will give you the most bang for your buck and ways to incorporate them into any garden. Bring a list of your favorites to the nursery this spring and create the ultimate pollinator-friendly garden.

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Find Keystone Native Plants for Pollinators. Check out NWF Plant Lists!

Leah Brooks - Headshot
Leah Brooks
Leah Brooks is Mt. Cuba’s Public Programs Coordinator. She graduated from the University of Delaware with dual bachelor’s degrees in Environmental Science and Wildlife Ecology. She’s an avid contributor to the Delaware Native Plant Identification and Exchange group on Facebook. Her passion is sharing the joy of nature and native gardening with others.