Coping Strategies for Plant Addicts

March 16 2024, 12pm EST

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Admit it. You’ve walked into the garden center or plant sale intending to get one or two plants and walked out with a carload. Welcome to the joy of gardening! In this informative session, Kate David – a self proclaimed plant fiend – breaks down how to shop at the garden center to not only save money but have a better garden in the long run. While still getting all the excitement spring plant buying provides. Sounds impossible but it can be done and Kate will show you how using examples from her garden design business “Hello Garden”.

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Kate David

Kate is the owner, designer, and creative force behind Hello Garden. Founded in 2016 with a goal of connecting people and plants, the business quickly evolved from a Garden Coaching initiative to a full-blown boutique Landscape and Container Design company. Today, Kate’s designs can be seen throughout the greater Seattle area and Eastside in both commercial settings and private homes. They believe the foundation of good design is its ability to speak to the people who call that space home and with reverence for the ground it grows in.