The Happiest Hydrangeas

March 16 2024, 1pm ET

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Learn everything you need to know to have the happiest hydrangeas no matter where you’re growing! Discover the four main types of hydrangeas, where they grow best regionally and everything you need to know to help them thrive. Ever wondered about the difference between old wood and new wood? Or the difference between a gift or garden hydrangea? What about the secrets to keeping your plants blooming longer? This session will answer all your questions!
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Skye Hamilton (1)
Skye Hamilton
Ryan McEnany
Ryan McEnaney

Skye, known as “The Hydrangea Queen” on Instagram, combines educational insights with entertainment, making her the go-to source for all things hydrangea. Through Hamilton House Designs, she offers a vibrant mix of content that spans educational tips, personal stories, and engaging visuals. 

Ryan, a fifth-generation family member at Bailey Nurseries, brings extensive experience from one of the largest shrub and tree producers. Using his accessible and enjoyable approach to gardening, he appears regularly in major media. Ryan’s work emphasizes fun and fostering a community of collaboration.