Grow Your Own Spices

March 23 2024, 4pm ET

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Many of your spice cabinet favorites can be grown in your own home garden. In this session, Tasha Greer, author of Grow Your Own Spices, will share the details for tasty turmeric, glorious ginger and super saffron plus so much more. You’ll walk away inspired to start your own spice garden, no matter where you live!

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Christina Chung (2)
Tasha Greer

Tasha Greer is an “epicurean homesteader” and writer focused on simple, sustainable living. She gardens on about 2 acres and grows a large variety of annual and perennial edible, medicinal, and ecosystem support plants. She also keeps ducks, dairy goats, chickens, a pet turkey, worms, and (occasionally) pigs. She volunteers with gardening organizations in her community and teaches classes related to edible landscaping and organic gardening.