Layered Edible Gardens: the Way Nature Intended

March 23 2024, 3pm ET

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By intentionally including edible plants from 8 different layers (trees, sub-canopy trees, shrubs, vines, perennials, annuals, ground covers, and edible roots) in your home garden, you’ll be building a mini “food forest” that will produce food for years to come and require less work and fewer resources.
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Christina Chung

Chris Chung, a Vancouver horticulturist, trained at UBC Botanical Garden, serving as Program Coordinator and instructor. She taught urban food production courses and provided hands-on training in ecological garden management. With a focus on unique perennial edibles, she explores how “multi-purpose” plantings can be practical, beautiful, productive, and supportive of nature in both edible and ornamental landscapes. Chris shares her gardening insights through her work as Fluent Garden.