The Less Work/More Resilient Vegetable Garden

March 24 2024, 11am ET

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Gardening often feels like endless to-do lists and meticulous care, leading to guilt among gardeners. However, with changing and extreme weather, high-maintenance gardens are increasingly vulnerable. Embracing “less is more” can enhance resilience and improve outdoor spaces. By letting nature lead, we can enjoy our gardens with more fun and wellbeing, without the stress of constant upkeep.
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Kim Stoddart - Headshot
Kim Stoddart

Kim Stoddart is a leading voice on climate change resilient food growing. She is also an award-winning environmental journalist, editor of Amateur Gardening magazine and author of The Climate Change Resilient Vegetable Garden.

She has been writing, teaching and talking about climate change resilient food growing for more than a decade and has written for most of the UK national press at one time or another including the Guardian, Gardeners’ World magazine and BBC Radio 4.

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