Epic Homesteading

March 24 2024, 12pm ET

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As Kevin has proven—thanks to his enthusiasm and willingness to experiment—there’s no need to go “back to the land,” live off-grid, and leave behind modern conveniences to improve your self-sufficiency and autonomy. Anyone can do it. So follow in Kevin’s footsteps and embrace today’s technology to grow and preserve food, raise mini livestock like bees and chickens, set up automated systems like irrigation and greywater recycling, and so much more.

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Kevin Espiritu - Headshot
Kevin Espiritu

Kevin Espiritu is the founder and CEO of Epic Gardening, the world’s most-followed gardening brand and online garden store. As a self-taught gardener, Espiritu has spent over a decade producing educational gardening content across YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, the Epic Gardening podcast, and blog. He’s amassed over 3.6 million social media followers, 11 million podcast downloads, and 42 million blog visits.

His third book, ” Epic Homesteading: Your Guide To Self-Sufficiency On A Modern, High-Tech, Backyard Homestead ” will be released in the spring and chronicles how he converted his urban residence into the Epic Homestead in San Diego, California.

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