Water Wise Basics for Every Garden

March 30 2024, 1pm ET

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Professional landscape designer, Paige Payne, knows a lot about collaborating with home owners to craft gardens that span various sizes, budgets, locations and challenges. Join her to learn fundamentals of water-wise gardening that can apply to your garden no matter where you live. Save money, save time and help your garden make the best of the water you have available – either from the sky or via your soon-to-be-smarter irrigation system. And if you’re interested in tearing up that lawn, she’s got some do’s and don’t’s to consider before you break out the shovel!

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Learn more about Meadowscaping!

Learn more about Meadowscaping!

Paige Payne - Headshot
Paige Payne

Paige Payne is the founder of Online Landscape Designs, an online company that connects people to nature through outdoor spaces. With 24 years of experience in the landscape industry, she creates landscape and permaculture designs that are Earth-centered. Focusing on water-wise, native, pollinator-friendly, and edible gardens, she integrates these elements into seamless designs. Paige also offers eco-friendly garden and landscape education, online and in person, in Colorado and across the US.

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