ABC's of Native Bees

March 30 2024, 2pm ET

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Did you know the United States is home to over 4,000 species of native bees? Most people know relatively little about native bees considering how important they are to the pollination of native flowers and agricultural crops. To save the native bees we must first get to know them.

Join National Geographic Explorer, TEDx speaker, and community scientist Krystle Hickman on a journey to a deeper appreciation and understanding of these very charismatic creatures. Through Krystle’s stunning macro photography, get to know what makes them so special and signs of a healthy garden.

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Krystal Hickman - Headshot
Krystle Hickman
Krystle Hickman is a National Geographic Explorer, TEDx Speaker, Artist, Community Scientist, and Photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Through artful photography, Krystle strives to increase awareness of the decline in native bee species as well as highlight their biodiverse ecosystems. Her photography has been featured in The LA Times, magazines, children’s books, and scientific journals.

Krystle travels throughout the world documenting rare native bees while spreading the message of conservation. Her work doesn’t involve any lethal sampling or collecting of specimens.