Gardening for Teas & Tinctures

March 24 2024, 1pm ET

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Reach beyond your current go-to garden staples to learn the art of growing plants to create medicinal teas and tinctures. Your wellness can go up another notch beyond eating fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs – learn about new garden friends to further boost your wellbeing.

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors
Jovan Sage

Jovan is a facilitator and teacher who guides people back to themselves. Their work centers on fertility, sex, death and the magick of transformation(s). Supporting people in tending to their seeds of pleasure, healing and resiliency by nourishing their connection to the earth. Connecting people to the plants and practices that unlock their transformation. The threads of their work intersect with race, gender and sexuality; sustainability, food, and agriculture; breath, energy and plants.

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