The Food Preserver's Garden

March 24 2024, 2pm ET

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A preserver’s mindset focuses on abundant, tasty harvests that make sure there’s enough specific produce for effective food preservation be it canning, dehydrating or other methods. Join Meg as she talks through her garden planning process to ensure the best crops and plant varieties for the perfectly preserved end result. Find tips about the right tomatoes, abundant cucumbers, herbs and so much more so you can plan to enjoy your harvest wayyyyy beyond the garden season’s end.

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Meagan Lloyd
Meagan Lloyd

Meagan Lloyd is a gardening enthusiast and educator based in North Carolina. Her passion is teaching others how to grow, preserve, and cook their own food. Through her website and social media, she shares gardening tips, tutorials, and how to turn your harvests into delicious garden-to-table meals. Meg’s gardening philosophy centers around embracing the chaotic and fun nature of gardening while advocating for practical, low-maintenance solutions.

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