Planting to Party: Cocktail Gardening

March 24 2024, 3pm ET

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Dive into the world of cocktail (and mocktail) gardening with Garden Mentors® founder, Robin Haglund, in a session that’s not just for gardeners. Learn to grow a variety of plants for your very own “party patch” and master the art of crafting unique drinks from your garden’s bounty. Robin will guide you through creating both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, complete with unexpected garnishes from your harvest. Get ready to elevate your home entertainment with homegrown happy hour creations!

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Robin Haglund - Headshot
Robin Haglund

Robin Haglund is the founder of gardening education firm Garden Mentor. She thrives by helping individuals succeed at cultivating great gardening skills and their dream garden. Robin has been garden coaching, speaking, teaching, and designing gardens in the Pacific Northwest and beyond for over two decades.

Robin’s gardening and design methods, plant knowledge, pollinator and pet gardening techniques, restoration methods, and homesteading skills are featured in several media sources including The New York Times, PBS’s “Growing a Greener World”, Sunset Magazine, Colibri Magazine, HGTV’s “Landscaper’s Challenge”, The Seattle Times, Organic Gardening Magazine, This Old House Magazine, MSN, several podcasts, and many books.

Take 25% off when you join the cocktail club!